bad punk

resonance 104.4fm

Processed sounds and random text. Occasional derives into radio drama and other mediums. Broadcasting live every Friday night at 10PM from Studio 2 on Resonance 104.4FM. Produced and hosted by Johny Brown and James Stephen Finn.

the cherry blossom quartet

between heaven and helsinki

A Tenzing Scott Brown play (alter-ego of Bill Drummond), adapted for radio by Johny Brown. James Stephen Finn provides an improvised soundscape whilst Sukie Smith, Kirsty Allison, Tam Dean Burn, Joe Cushley, Inga Tillere and Jonny Mugwump act out the sad and strange story of the doomed Finnish singer songwriter Kristina Bruuk. Sound engineer: Sarah Nicol. Presenter: Johny Brown. Photography: Inga Tillere.