Label: Cotton Goods
Catalogue: 002 EP
Format: CD-mini, EP

1. Doorbell
2. I'm Sad Because Of All The Things I've Done
3. Ghosts Are Making Appearances On Closed Circuit
4. This Antique Metronome Keeps Me Awake When I Should Be Dreaming
5. Feels Like I'm Living A Waking Sleep
6. A Strip Of Tape
7. The Deepest, Darkest Tunnel Of The Northern Line
8. The Antique Metronome Carries On Til Morning
9. Watching The World Vanish From Beneath My Feet

Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies. Each CD packaged in handmade case made of modified old and discarded library hardback book covers inside a brown card wallet. Each case unique.

Label: Cotton Goods
Catalogue: 003 LP
Format: CD, Album

1. Arrival, A Familiar Landscape
2. An Aerial View
3. Vaults, Reappearances Of Anxiety
4. Dwellings
5. Immeasurable Ascent
6. Terminus
7. Twelfth Floor
8. An Arcade Of Personal Memories
9. Subterranean Passages
10. Apparitions
11. Exit, A Parting With The Past

Third album release in Cotton Good's 'Lending Library' series. Packaged in hand-made and stamped card envelope with inner wallet. The outer envelope is sealed with gumstrip. On purchase sealed outer envelopes were stickered with recipient's address and mailed out like that.

Back page of inner wallet contains 'lending library' library card with limitation information.

Limited edition, 100 hand-numbered copies only available for purchase.


2017 Band Of Holy Joy, Funambulist, We Love You, Tiny Global Productions.
2015 Band Of Holy Joy, The Land Of Holy Joy, Stereogram Recordings.
2014 Band Of Holy Joy, Easy Listening, Exotic Pylon.
2013 Band Of Holy Joy, City Of Tales: Volume 1 & 2, Exotic Pylon.
2012 Band Of Holy Joy, The North Is Another Land, Moloko+.
2011 Tiger Walking Downhill, Live Sessions 2010, Oso.
2011 Damo Suzuki & God Don't Like It Ensemble, Live At Cafe Oto, Open Sound Group.
2011 Band Of Holy Joy, How To Kill A Butterfly, Exotic Pylon.
2010 James Stephen Finn, Homecoming, Cotton Goods.

Extended Plays

2017 Band Of Holy Joy, Brutalism Begins At Home, Tiny Global Productions.
2012 Band Of Holy Joy, Wyrd Beautiful Thyme, Exotic Pylon.
2010 Peter Smith, Kacper Ziemianin & James Stephen Finn, Mining For Gold @ Resonance 104.4FM, Oso.
2009 James Stephen Finn, The Antique Metronome, Cotton Goods.